Set the "zimbraPrefPop3DownloadSince" value to a selected date.

After configuring "zimbraPrefPop3DownloadSince" for a POP user, email client will start email downloading from defined date.

Execute the following command to configure "zimbraPrefPop3DownloadSince" with a zimbra user user: zmprov ma [email protected] ZimbraPrefPop3DownloadSince YYYYMMDDHHmmssZ

zmprov -l ma [email protected] zimbraPrefPop3DownloadSince 200807151000000Z 

login as zimbra user

su - zimbra

change proxy mode

zmprov ms YOUR.DOMAIN.HERE zimbraReverseProxyMailMode redirect

restart zimbra proxy

zmproxyctl restart

check - if now listen 80 port

lsof -i tcp:80