VMware ESXi disabling IOMMU

Date : 16/06/2017

If you encountered freeze or halt while running ESXi installer on your system then probably your motherboard doesn't have Input–output memory management unit or it's disabled in the bios.So this is what you must do for it.When you boot from ESXi you must input a command at bootloader, which is "noiommu".This way you can boot your installer and install the system on the drive.

After the setup on first bootup, again you need to enter the "noiommu" command to your bootloader.After the system bootup you need to ssh into ESXi to change boot arguments indefinitely.First enable SSH to ESXi or on the shell 

vi /bootbank/boot.cfg

add the option "noiommu" to the "kernelopt" line and save it.

title=Loading VMware ESXi
kernelopt= installerDiskDumpSlotSize=2560 no-auto-partition noiommu
modules=b.b00 --- jumpstrt.gz --- useropts.gz --- features.gz --- k.b00 --- char